Victoriah started feeding and clothing the homeless in Skidrow Los Angeles in 2017. On her own she started a weekly PRE-school in 2017 when she discovered the amount of families living temporarly at homeless shelters in Skidrow. That quickly escalated into strong relationships with all the kids as she spend all her free time with them. She began taking the kids out on weekend outings such as: The movies, Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Easter Egghunts, pool parties and even had 16 kids and moms over for Christmas. 

Victoriah is from Denmark and she grew up in the music/dance/TV industry. She's travelled the world performing since she was very young. She has rescued 4 dogs.

Victoriah's compassion for people and animals means she can't turn a blind eye. She believes in second chances and that everyone you meet "is someones somebody".  

"Entertainment is my dream but giving back is my purpose"

Get your kleenex ready!

Watch as "Starts With One Today" had the pleasure of helping "Bunny's Buddies" welcome eight dogs to LAX. Where they met their new forever families.  

All dogs were rescued of meat trucks and slaughter houses in China and have suffered severe abuse. 

Help us rescue more dogs from the meat trade in China!